The History of Tara GFC

Founded in 1932

Tara Hurling and Camogie Club were formed about 1930.  The football club was most likely formed in 1932 as they were playing in 1933.  The name of the club came from a social dance club in King Street, Hammersmith.  The owner Frank Lee, an excellent Irish man who allowed the club every facility to build and expand.


Joe Downey was the first Tara Chairman, followed by Jim Ryan, Danny Whelan was Secretary then Jackie Ryan, Luka Talbot was Treasurer.  The Hurling and Camogie were going strong – the hurlers won the Senior Championship in 1933 beating Thomas McCurtains.  The Camogie team beat Cuchullians in the final of the same year.  The Football Team was weak as they were all hurlers playing football hailing from Tipperary, Kilkenny and ClareMick Walsh ex. Co. Board President joined the club at the end of 1933.  He must have brought in a big Kerry influence because Jim Conway joined in 1935 and told me that “in the first match he played for Tara, he was a ‘lone Cavan’ man amongst Kerry men!”  Both Michael Walsh and Jim Conway went on to be Chairmen of the County Board.  Some of these men who joined Tara at that time played a big part in the running of Tara Football Club, County Board and indeed Provincial Council.  There were the Larkin Brothers, Dave, Jim and Tom, also Dave and Dan Murphy.  Unfortunately, Dave Larkin was killed in action.  Dan Murphy was the first secretary of Provincial Council and then Chairman.

In 1936 Tara won the Senior B League, the names of those who comprised the team that day were: K. Neary (goals); T. Larkin; D. Larkin; Jim Delaney; Jim Larkin; Paddy Dillon; Murt Sullivan; Ned Lyons; J. Byron; J. Green; Jim Conway; Mick Doyle; Eddie O’Reilly; M. Spud-Murphy; Dan Murphy; Subs: Owen Conway; J. O’Leary; Jim Doyle; Mick Carr.

Photos: Early thirties Tara team; 1934 Tara team


During the war in the 1940’s London teams had to amalgamate.  Tara with the Shamrocks and the Tara Hurlers won the London Championship in 1941 and 1942 as a double act.  Tara won their first Championship in 1945 beating St. Patricks.  Representing Tara on the day were: Popple-well, the Fortune Brothers, Gannon, J. Shanley (Captain), Peter and Jim Feeley, H. Gallagher, Brendan Brick, Mulhane, O’Donnell, J. Conway, Kiely, Sheehy and Johnny Loughman.  They proceeded to win the 1946 Championship, however an objection resulted in a reply and the Shamrocks beat Tara by 1 point.  Tara won their second Championship in 1947 when they beat Cuchullians and finished the 1940’s by winning the Senior League in 1944 and the Tipperary Cup in 1945.

Photos: Provincial Counsel Meeting in the 1940’s. With Jim Conway, President and Dan Murphy, Secretary.


In the 1950’s Tara took the Championship title in 1951 when they beat St. Michaels with ease in the final.  This match was preceded by a fiercely fought semi-final between Tara and Cuchullians, one of the best matches of its time.  The team of that time was: Johnny Loughman, Festis Canavan, Jim Gill, Baker Mulvihill, Brendan O’Dowd, Willie McCarthy, Jim Butler, Liam McBrien, Paddy Christie, Michael Lowry, Paddy Click-Brennan, Willie McGarty, Jackie Murray, Ted Curran, Bernie Brennan, Subs: Dan McGarty, James Canning, Richie McBrian, Patsy Faul.

Photos: 1951 team; 1951 Championship team; 1956 Celebrating The League; Surviving members of the 1951 Team, that was present at the 50th Golden Jubilee Dinner Dance held in the Grovesnor Rooms (taken 1984).



Need a paragraph of history for the 1960’s

Photos: 1963, 1st Annual Dinner Dance, Bushgreen Hotel, 1965, Annual General Meeting